Permacomputing Meetup

This September we return to the digital utopianism of Web 1.0 and the first wave of personal computers during a Permacomputing Meetup on Thursday 21 September.

ℹ️  ICYMI: Permacomputing is “a philosophy applying ecological and long term thinking to computers” - a topic increasingly relevant in these contemporary times of unbalanced sustainability models and energy-intensive computing.

💾 Programme

🎮 Ola Bonati is a researcher and storyteller working on topics exploring the implications of various technologies in our culture. During her talk, we will play community-sourced Crappy Tech bingo as a form of collective therapy. Check out which of the tech miseries you can identify with and let's unpack new frustrations!

🎮  Brace yourself for a delicate dose of '80s & '90s digital nostalgia! Freddy (F#READY) will be representing the demoscene; the computer art (sub)culture focused on producing demo's, or "self-contained computer programs that produce audiovisual presentations", often used to show off visual art, musical dexterity and "sizecoding" programming skills. F#READY will fly us through an overview of the demoscene, illustrated by examples of oldskool and PC productions.

🎮  Would you consider a Permacomputing approach to your everyday life? Or to your artistic/academic practice? Wondering why you would even want to? And are you “hard wearing” your hardware at all, or throwing it out after a few years? Guest speaker Rein van der Woerd will dive into the broader topic of Permacomputing, discuss the circularity of our hardware and give a demonstration of its marvellous possibilities.


More material on the matter: At last year’s creative coding symposium Iterations, Brendan Howell & Aymeric Mansoux presented their take on permacomputing; a more sustainable approach to computer & network technology inspired by permaculture:

Start21 Sept 2023, 18:00
locationCCU Studio, Vlampijpstraat 84, 3534 AR, Utrecht
Price€7,50 Regular / €5,00 Student