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Permacomputing Meetup with Acid Solder Club and Vincent Schoutsen

On February 15th, we're hosting another Permacomputing Meetup!

ℹ️ ICYMI: Permacomputing is β€œan approach that applies ecological thinking and long-term vision to computers. This becomes increasingly crucial in a time when sustainability models are imbalanced, and computer energy consumption is high.” (

In this edition, we have the privilege of learning from Veerle Pennock, a creative electronics maker and the founder of Acid Solder Club in Utrecht. She shares insights on electronics reuse and critically examines our handling of electronic waste. Veerle encourages the active search for solutions and exploration of tools and techniques to tackle the challenges of Permacomputing. Very soon we will introduce a series of workshops by Veerle on Electronic Components Foraging, Salvaged Midi Controllers, and Printer Pendulum Rage within this theme. Stay tuned to our socials for more information about these workshops!

Vincent Schoutsen is an artist and performing engineer, who establishes a connection between the physical world and sound in his installations, often using Midi. On stage, he is known by the pseudonym Vinnieragua. Vincent will also contribute to this meetup by discussing his projects and perspectives on the topic. You won't want to miss this evening!

After the presentations, there's an opportunity for those interested to showcase their own work in progress. We can collectively discuss the challenges you face and brainstorm solutions, sharing tips and tricks. If you'd like to participate, please send an email to to sign up.

πŸ“ CCU Studio, Vlampijpstraat 84 Utrecht

πŸ“… 15 February, 20:00- 22:00

🎫 €7,50 Regular/€5 Student

Start15 Feb 2024, 19:00
End15 Feb 2024, 21:00
locationCCU Studio, Vlampijpstraat 84, 3534 AR, Utrecht
Price€7,50 regular/€5 student